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Review of A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods is an adult romance novella by Kelli Roberts.

Sometimes a vacation down Route 66 can change your life. Samantha, young, inexperienced, and still hurting from a failed relationship, didn’t foresee an erotic awakening when she agreed to go RV camping with Elana, a friend from work, and Elana’s husband Richard.

Along for the trip to a Texas version of the Grand Canyon is Trevor, Elana and Richard’s handsome neighbor. Samantha finds herself falling in love with Trevor—and in lust with all of her camping companions. Can love and sexual freedom co-exist in an RV?

I read this book awhile ago and honestly forgot about it after so many years but when cleaning up my Kindle app I glanced at the cover and it caught my attention, yet again.

This is one of those stories that you want to be careful about who you recommend it to because it’s without a doubt meant for adults only.

The basic story is about a husband and wife who are going on a camping trip and bring along some friends, only the couple they invited (their neighbors) can’t go because they are having some marriage issues so instead they bring the neighbors roommate.

So he doesn’t feel like odd man out Elana invites a female friend from work to go with them and then the adventure begins.

And oh what a wild and crazy story it is.

I like that the story is realistically reasonable. I mean it’s something that the average person could actually relate to or have it happen to them.

It’s not a long read, only about 150 pages, but well worth it. I loved this story. It was a little more sexual than I tend to like in my books, but I still loved even minute of it.



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