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Review of The Billionaire’s Instant Bride

The Billionaire's Instant Bride

The Billionaire’s Instant Bride by CJ Howard is a contemporary romance novel.

When Callie Williams signed up to the “bride bidder” app she was in a desperate situation. On the brink of losing her home, she needed money and she needed it fast. Allowing herself to be sold as a bride to a wealthy man was supposed to be a last resort for Callie but she soon realized it was her only option.

When Billionaire Thomas Dearborn signed up to the “bride bidder” app he was not totally interested in finding a traditional wife. He was not a man who wanted any romantic hassle but he knew that being seen as married would help his business interests. Now, Callie and Thomas have been paired up in extraordinary circumstances for a marriage that suits them both. It is a modern day marriage of convenience with the promise that they will never love or touch one another. And this is a promise that both parties are going to find very hard to keep…

The plot for this book had so much potential. A girl needed money so she offered herself up on a Tinder like mobile app called “Bride Bidder” where instead of finding a date or hookup for the night, you find yourself a marriage of convenience.

The problem was, although the basic idea was there, it just sort of fell apart right from the beginning.

My biggest problem with the book is the grandmother. They talk about how close they are but then don’t back it up. No grandmother would allow their beloved family member to whore herself out to pay off their back taxes. It’s just not going to happen.

The plot holes aside, the book was horribly edited.

Next I wanted to point out something else I found odd. I couldn’t help but notice all the good reviews for the book. This I couldn’t understand. How could a book obviously so poorly written with so many problems get so many good reviews?

Then it hit me. I read a review that was bad from someone else, and they summed it up best – the reviews were clearly purchased.

“That’s when I REALLY began to read the reviews, the good ones and I realized one word kept being repeated “dreamy” and trust me when I say nothing was dreamy about this story or the characters. Clearly this author bought herself some reviews and told them that was a word she wanted to use. I don’t know. All I can say is this book was horrible on so many levels. Seriously don’t waste your money.”

So long story short, this is not a book I could recommend.




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