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Review of Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing is a contemporary romance novel by Marie Force. This is the 7th book in the Green Mountain series and the 1st book in the Butler, Vermont series.

Grayson Coleman has just moved home to Butler, Vermont after spending years working for a high-powered law firm in Boston. He’s looking for a simpler, less stressful existence in the sleepy little mountain town where he grew up with his siblings and Abbott cousins. Once the holidays are over, he plans to hang out a shingle and open a new general law practice. After helping to raise his seven younger siblings, the last thing on Grayson’s mind is a family of his own.

Emma Mulvaney is enjoying a break from her reality as a busy single mother in New York City while she and her adorable daughter, Simone, spend the holidays in Vermont with Emma’s sister, Lucy, and Lucy’s future in-laws, the Abbotts. After meeting Abbott cousin Grayson Coleman and talking to him for hours, Emma is nervous and excited to have dinner alone with him after sharing her deepest, most personal secrets with him.

Will that first night be the start of something new for the jaded lawyer and the selfless single mom or will a holiday week flirtation turn into something much bigger than either of them ever expected?

Come back to Butler, Vermont for more of the charming Abbott family, their matchmaking father and grandfather and of course, Fred the Moose.

This book is a continuation of Marie Force’s popular and well liked, Green Mountain series. However due to the fact that she is self  publishing this book, instead of publishing it with the company who released the previous books in the series, she’s been forced to start the series anew with a new name – so this is why this book is the 7th book in the Green Mountain series and the 1st book in the Butler, Vermont series. From here on out, all books in this series will be in the “Butler, Vermont” series.

I write this review with a heavy heart. I honestly feel like a traitor for writing it. Marie Force is an incredibly talented writer with amazing skill in her craft, but this particular book just didn’t do it for me. I really hate to say this but it felt like she totally phone this one in and it’s possibly why the publishing company she had previously worked with didn’t want to push this one forward.

I don’t know if that is true – just a guess but it would make sense. If you’ve read any of the previous books in the series you’ll know exactly what I mean. This book just didn’t have the fun living spirit that the others did.

Every Little Thing was very formulaic and very boring. You didn’t get the feeling that these two characters were really into each other. They just went right from 0 to 60 in the first scene.

There was no build up, there was no play time and there were no LOL moments that you have come to expect and love from other books in this series.

What it comes down to, was that I just wasn’t satisfied. I was bored and felt my mind drifting off over and over again when trying to get through this book.

I can’t believe I would ever say those words about a Marie Force book and I feel horrible about it, but it’s true. This book just didn’t have any life in it.

To be fair, I decided to put the book down and give it a try another day. When that didn’t work, and I couldn’t force myself to finish it, I decided to download the audiobook version and see if I had any better luck. It didn’t help.

Usually Marie Force writes characters that have a lasting impression on you. You think about them for days after you read the book and when you dive into the next book in the series you are always happy to hear a little more about the characters you have come to know and love. That wasn’t the case with this book.

I’m sorry to say she just missed the mark on this one. I wasn’t happy with this book at all.

I still love Marie Force and I will buy probably every book she puts out after this, but this one, at least for me was a dead fish.

By the way this is the first book where she writes about one of the Abbott cousins instead of the Abbott siblings from the previous books. The Abbott siblings are in this book, but did want to note that if you are following the character development from the previous books.


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