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Review of The Gargoyle Gets His Girl

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl is the third book in the Nocturne Falls series written by Kristen Painter.

The tourists think it’s all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs, fur, and all.

Willa Iscove, fae jeweler, has her first stalker. Really, he’s just one of her lovesick customers. The ring she crafted to help him find new love has backfired, making Willa the object of his affections. In a bid to rid herself of her amorous client, Willa makes a wish in the Nocturne Falls fountain using the piece of opal in her pocket and in doing so, unknowingly conscripts as her guardian the sexy gargoyle on duty.

Former Army Ranger and gargoyle Nick Hardwin has some serious suspicions about the pretty fae who just invoked the ancient pact for protection. Her kind have been at odds with his kind for ages. Now she wants his help? He’s determined to figure out what she’s up to. Which won’t be a hardship considering how much fun she is to be around. And kiss. But then her stalker turns out to be the tip of the iceberg and things go really wrong, really fast. When they’re both kidnapped, Willa is forced to make a hard decision. The life of her family or the freedom of the man she’s fallen for?

When the gargoyle from this story was first introduced in the previous book, I wasn’t all that sure I would be into his story line. I can’t really say there was anything specific I just didn’t think I could get into a story about Faerie magic. However that being said, I went ahead and picked up the book anyway since I enjoyed the other two books in the series to much. I must say, I’m glad I did. It turned out to be a much better book that I anticipated.

It was a cute story that turned out to be more paranormal story driven than the others. I guess it’s more accurate to say that it was more fantasy driven than the others that relied on paranormal background and specifics than the other books in the series did. This is the third book in the Nocturne Falls series. The first was called The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride.

Reading her books really makes you want to visit Nocturne falls. It makes you wonder what it would be like if there really could be a Halloweentown in real life. Actually her writing is so well done, it really makes you think Nocturne Falls is a real place, you just haven’t visited yet but without a doubt want to.


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