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Review of It’s You

It's You

It’s You by Tracy Tegan is a rather short read but sometimes that’s just what I’m looking for. In all it only took me a couple hours to finish the thing from start to finish. So it’s a contemporary romance novella.

Evan Scott has been successful in all aspects of his life, except for one, love. But that’s only because every other woman has paled in comparison to Zoey Parker, his sister’s best friend and the one girl he promised he would never pursue. But when love is meant to be, nothing can stand in the way.

It’s You basically revolves around best friends Zoey Parker and Kara and the secret crush that Zoey has had on her best friend Kara’s brother, Evan Scott, since junior high.

Zoey and Evan are both invited to Kara’s for a dinner party and that’s when things really start to get interesting. Eventually, the two hook up and all works out in the end and who doesn’t love a cute, funny story with a happy ending?

The characters were realistic and had distinct personalities. Ami with an I was great.  I know someone like that in real life. That situation has really happened to me before.

Would I read it again? Totally. It’s a quick, breezy read.  Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, and I have.



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