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Review of A Rather Lovely Inheritance

A Rather Lovely Inheritance

A Rather Lovely Inheritance by CA Belmond is the first book in the “Penny Nicholas” series.

After her Aunt Penelope dies, historical researcher Penny Nichols is astonished to learn that not only is she a bona fide heiress-but she’s also been invited to put her research skills to work. This time, the history she’s researching happens to be her very own. What she discovers about Aunt Penelope-a pair of wills, double lives, secret histories, and a family tree of vultures-is about to sweep Penny and a long-lost relative across France, over the hills of Italy, and throughout half of Europe on the adventure of several lifetimes.

This book follows Penny Nichols who is struggling to find her way in life. She, like the rest of us have everyday struggles with love and her career. She actually has a pretty interesting job as a historical researcher for the movies.

While I can’t say there is anything wrong specifically with this book, I also can’t tell you anything overwhelmingly great either.

It’s a great, fluffy little read that has a nice happy ever after but I promise once you put the book down you won’t give it a second thought.

It’s a nice book but it doesn’t spark enough interest for me to bother with reading the next one in the series.


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