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Review of The Obsession

The Obsession is the latest contemporary romance from Nora Roberts. Yes, the world famous author, Nora Roberts.

Naomi Bowes lost her innocence the night she followed her father into the woods. In freeing the girl trapped in the root cellar, Naomi revealed the horrible extent of her father’s crimes and made him infamous. No matter how close she gets to happiness, she can’t outrun the sins of Thomas David Bowes.
Now a successful photographer living under the name Naomi Carson, she has found a place that calls to her, a rambling old house in need of repair, thousands of miles away from everything she’s ever known. Naomi wants to embrace the solitude, but the kindly residents of Sunrise Cove keep forcing her to open up—especially the determined Xander Keaton.
Naomi can feel her defenses failing, and knows that the connection her new life offers is something she’s always secretly craved. But the sins of her father can become an obsession, and, as she’s learned time and again, her past is never more than a nightmare away.

When I see an e-book for sale for $14.99, I almost always just roll my eyes. I couldn’t imagine in a million years paying that much of a over-bloated rate for it. The paperback is actually cheaper than the e-book on this thing and for only a dollar more I could get a hardback.

I’m sorry but I can’t justify any book, even one by the infamous author Nora Roberts.

Luckily though, this book was given to me as a gift. Because trust me when I say, there is no way I would have ever paid that much to buy it on my own.

Now that rant aside, what was the book actually like? One word will sum it up … INCREDIBLE.

It really was. Nora Roberts is an amazing writer. I mean ignore the story for just a moment and let’s talk about her skill. It’s over the top. It’s perfection. It’s so well done, even if the story kind of sucked, you still can’t dispute her skill as a writer.

Luckily though the story was also great. It drew you in right from the start, but not in a good way. From the very first chapter you are hit with the most shocking parts of the whole book. All I can say is, this poor little girl. I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to actually be a child that has to go through that.

Moving forward she has grown up and tried to put the past behind her. Only some things are so crazy it’s not so easy to get forget about them.

This girl, Naomi tries to move on, and find a new life.

This is a story where you want more than anything for this poor girl to get it together and live happily ever after. You just can’t help it. She’s been through so much. She deserves to find true love. She deserves that happily ever after.

This is one of those books you really won’t be able to put down. You will love this book. I’m sure of it.

While I’m not happy about the price, it really bothers me beyond words, it still doesn’t take away from just how well Nora Roberts can string together a series of words.



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