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Review of Waiting For You

Waiting For You

Waiting For You by Tracy Tegan is a story about an arranged marriage that as you might have guessed, turns into something more, oh so much more.

Three years after the worst moment of her life — walking in on her husband in the midst of cheating—Kimberly Morgan has put her life back together. Sure, she hasn’t started dating again, but she has a great job as a social media expert … until she doesn’t. When her company abruptly goes belly-up, she watches her savings trickle away as she searches for new work.

While interviewing for a new company, she is recruited for another job: wife to an Australian businessman who needs to smooth over his immigration problems so he can focus on the task of making money, and an American wife who doesn’t require wooing is just what he needs. He’s drop-dead gorgeous and rich: What’s not to like? But when the heart yearns for happily-ever-after, will a make-believe marriage be enough?

The first book I read from this author was called Absolutely Unforgivable and it quite honestly blew my mind. I hate to give spoilers so I’ll just say when it got to the part where she was attacked and thought someone was … you know … I cried. It was so well written, so overwhelming, I really felt like I was there going through it with the main character.

So when I heard the author had another full-length novel out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. This book didn’t disappoint. The story is about a girl who finds herself in dire financial straits and agrees to do something she might not otherwise consider, dating a man for money. Not only just dating, but actually marry him.

Green card marriages aren’t unheard of in the realm of romance, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like such a common theme, but I confess, I enjoyed every minute of the book.

Right from the start, the couple had a spark but real life and the fantasy of it all sometimes can be two very different things so of course, they go through a struggle before finally finding their happily ever after.



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