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Review of Weekend With The Tycoon

Weekend with the Tycoon

Weekend With The Tycoon by Kaira Rouda is a story about an arranged fake date between a boss and one of his employees. This is the first book in the Indigo Island series.

Wealthy business tycoon Blake Putnam isn’t looking for love, he just needs a date for a family wedding he’s dreading. Alpha male to the core, Blake’s idea of being a man leaves little room for emotional connection. He comes up with the perfect solution to the dreaded wedding: he’ll find a controllable date. He has everything planned to perfection.

Samantha Jones agrees to spend the weekend with the hot boss. She’s attracted to him, but she’s sworn off men after her embarrassing recent break up. She’s determined to ignore the attraction and focus on business when he hands her an opportunity to be part of the biggest business pitch in Blake Genetics’ history. It could change everything. She’s not looking for love, she won’t jump off that cliff again. But she will take the chance to further her career.

What neither of them expected was the weekend to take flight. Is this a risk they’re willing to see through to the end?

This review is hard for me, not because the book was bad because the writing was rather good. But the premise for the story has some issues, some very big ones. I hate to say it, but I like my fantasy to be at least remotely possible and in this particular case, it just flat out isn’t.

No CEO of a company or multi-millionaire would ever in a zillion years do what the guy in this story did. It would just lead him with so many potential legal problems, the least of which is a sexual harassment lawsuit that could cost him millions upon millions of dollars.

Let’s not even get into the fact that he didn’t have her sign any important legal docs like an NDA or confidentiality agreement. That at the very least would have happened but before I bore you with several other problems that make this story 100% impossible to ever happen, I’ll just sum it up and say, the fact that the author, nor editor or publisher bothered to even research into the realities of the story line, bothered me a lot.

And no this wasn’t a self published novella, it was actually published by a real company called Tule Publishing Group.

So those issues aside, what was the book about? A young girl who by all accounts is very ambitious is called up to her bosses office and told she has been hand selected to attend a special work event over the weekend only she would need to have some new clothes, that the boss deems appropriate. Mostly just really expensive clothes and lots of them.

In the end, as she is well on her way she finds out she is actually going to be his fake date, so that his family won’t set him up with some boring society girl.

So now she’s stuck because she’s already on her way to the event. She could bail on her boss and risk getting fired or suck it up, do what he wants and maybe gain some favor and get a promotion out of it.

The guy literately lied to her about what she was doing until they were in the air on the way to the event. I mean, who does that?

Anyway,  like I said before, the writing was solid so I can’t fault the author for that, but the whole premise of the story just rubs me the wrong way.


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